Luxury rosemary honey artMuria

Luxury rosemary honey artMuria. Luxury honey manufactured on Cataluña coast by honey artisans artMuria. One of the best rosemary honey you can find.  Very clear amber to white color with flower aromas. Each jar is numbered. Very small manufacturing. 170g and 440g jars.

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Luxury rosemary honey artMuria. Luxury honey manufactured on Cataluña coast by honey artisans artMuria. On slopes of golden limestone close to the Mediterranean sea grows the rosemary. The rosemary has a robust trunk and a fresh soul. Blue and violet flowers tha produce an incredible aroma. Its honey is the first of the year. Luxury honey artMuria is one of the best rosemary honey you can find. 

artMuria manufactures a very small production of this honey. Each jar is numbered.

Luxury rosemary  honey artMuria has a white to clear amber color. This honey has a floral aroma with some camphor notes. Soft and delicate aroma. It has a dominant sweet taste with some subtle acid notes. Luxury rosemary honey artMuria cristalizes slowly in small crystals.

Rosemary honey artMuria is perfect with fresh fruits and fuit salads, codfish, lamb recipes and scented infusions.

General characteristics:

  • Artisan apiculture
  • Artisan product
  • Rosemary  flavor
  • Spanish honey
  • Luxury honey

Luxury rosemary honey artMuria storage

One of the greatest things about honey is that it doesn't spoil. Honey does not need preservatives and additives to have a long life. For legal and commercial reasons the honey we buy comes with a certain shelf life. Store the rosemary honey artMuria a steady temperature. Keep the honey on a dry place and away from heat sources and from the sun light. Proper storage will guarantee that the quality and taste of the luxury rosemary honey is at its peak.

Luxury rosemary honey artMuria crystallization

Any honey is susceptible to physical and chemical changes over time if there is no proper storage. Rosemary honey tends to crystallize over time. Crystallization is easily reversible. Crystallization does not change the taste or quality of the honey but changes its appearance. The honey appears thickened and grainy. To reverse crystallization, just heat the rosemary honey Muria jar with hot water up to 40ºC and the grannules will dissolve. Then cool the honey as quickly as possible and the rosemary honey artMuria will be as good as when it was collected.

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